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CEUs & Courses Supporting Businesses


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Managing Your Team

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Business Development


Managing Your Team

Organizational Behavior Management


Growth & Marketing

Practice Ed Supporting Your Business Growth

PracticeEd provides Continuing Education for all of the things you weren’t taught in grad school about running an ABA Practice. Our courses are tailored to meet the needs of BCBA Practice Owners, Clinical Directors, and Clinical Supervisors.

If you grapple questions related to daily operations such as billing, working with insurance companies, on-boarding clients, hiring, retaining, and all things in between – these courses are for you. Some of our courses deal with navigating questions related to long term strategic planning surrounding developing and training your team in leadership and clinical skills, performance management, compliance with employment laws, succession planning, using Quickbooks, and so much more!

Practice Ed courses are developed by a BCBA who currently owns and operates clinics and other businesses in Indiana and desires to share with other BCBAs how to run and operate clinics on a 4P Level – Personable, Professional, Principled and Profitable!


Our courses assist owners and clinical leaders to develop a cultivate a culture that values diversity, encourages employees to bring their “whole self” to work, and inspire ways to reward great performance.


We provide many courses on the ethics of running a practice, education about HR laws and how to stay compliant, and operating your clinic to stay compliant with your local, state, and federal laws.


Our courses are designed for owners and leaders to take away ideas to develop their team’s clinical and leadership skills, employ best practices with client intake procedures, responsibly and ethically disseminate information about ABA, and become a resource within their community.


Our courses teach owners how to understand and navigate within Quickbooks and how to utilize this data to develop performance measures that will allow you to meet payroll, pay bills, and make a profit! “A business that doesn’t make a profit is just an expensive habit.”.

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“The webinar was very comprehensive. There were numerous examples and non-examples provided, with interactive activities. There was ample time to pencil thoughts and answers that made the activities beneficial.”

S. Syed, BCBA

“We have in-home and center based services (about 23,000 sf across 3 locations) and I have considered selling multiple times due to the ups and downs. The resources provided in this webinar were beneficial and I am going to utilize these tools and processes to help with decision making because I often feel like I am guessing. “

Anonymous, BCBA

“You can tell the presenter loves to teach! Everything was very thorough and the resources provided are excellent!”

Anonymous, CEO

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