CEUs & Courses Supporting Businesses


CEUs & Courses Supporting Businesses


In clinical practice, what’s more important-your employees or the service they provide? Quality ABA Practices place a high priority on the quality of the therapy that they provide to their clients and ensure that their employees are trained to provide therapy to a high standard of excellence. What is often lacking in these ABA Practices is a focus on serving and caring for the employee. Great analysts know that if our team members aren’t properly cared, it can impact service delivery and morale. Many practice owners mistakenly believe that they are solely responsible for the task of providing care for their team and often miss out on working with professionals that can assist owners and agency leaders in managing and supervising employees.

The Human Resources Profession is broad and while our roles as Behavior Analyst Owners and Leaders are responsible for some HR Tasks, training and assistance in human resources can assist behavior analysts in a variety of ways. Savvy HR Professionals are now tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to the HR Function, and these professionals love data too!

Data savvy HR Professionals track and take data on a variety of HR tasks such as: sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, retention, turnover, engagement, and offboarding. The data obtained when working with a data savvy HR professional can be analyzed to guide behavior analysts in improving and developing practices related to interviewing, training, retaining, and promoting team members.

PracticeEd courses on what a Data Savvy HR Professional can bring to your team, trainings in HR topics for owners and leaders, and trainings in HR KPIs to track that allow your team to effectively lead the individuals in your practice.