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I’m Angelica “Nikki” Gray and I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and an Associate Professional in Human Resources. I am the founder of an ABA Practice in Indiana and have been in business since 2011.

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Prior to working in ABA, I held management positions in group home, residential, and state waiver programs. My organization started as a home and community based ABA provider and transitioned to clinic based. Throughout my career as a Behavior Analyst Practice Owner, I have been exposed to a variety of situations, or “learning opportunities,” that my clinical education didn’t prepare me for. Although many of these situations included steep learning curves, I gained valuable information that I seek to share through PracticeEd.

As an owner, I have sought after and gained additional training and certifications in areas such as: Human Resources, Quickbooks, Data Analytics, and Key Performance Indicators.

PracticeEd will bring trainings that are valuable and meaningful for owners and leaders in ABA Organizations. Each course is designed to move ABA Organizations towards being more personable, professional, principled, and profitable (the 4Ps as I like to call it).

My goal is to provide courses, content, clinical mentorship and business consultation that will have a ripple effect to your employees, supervisees, clients, your communities, and our field.

You are always welcome to reach out and suggest course topics or resources that you feel would be valuable to the ABA Community.

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