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Black Employer Organizations

Increasing  the Economic Impact of  Black Businesses through Education

There are 3,589,567 Black owned businesses in the United States. Only 134,567 of these businesses employ others.
Black Owned Businesses employ 1,273,002 people
Black Owned Businesses have a combined annual payroll of $40.5 Billion dollars
Black Owned Businesses with employees have a combined annual sales amount of $133.7 Billion dollars compared to $83.6 Billion for Black Owned Businesses that do not employ others.

Black Owned Businesses that employ others have higher sales, earn a higher profit, and often allow owners to leave a legacy to their families.

However, Black Business Owners must lay a solid foundation with policies and procedures and need to be aware of several laws that govern labor standards when adding employees to their organizations.

Practice Ed is founded and led by Nikki Gray, a Black female entrepreneur who learned many lessons as an employer organization the hard way – through trial and error.  It was through these experiences and the sharing of knowledge as a mentor and consultant to countless others, that she developed a passion to empower, educate and encourage other owners, especially the Black Employer.

Practice Ed is excited to expand its services to center the needs of Black employers by offering a first of its kind career fair featuring all Black employers and a training series to bring us together to educate and build community during the months of July and August.

We hope that you can join us. Collaboration and sharing resources is the way forward for Black organizations and programs like these help us to all take that first step together.